Sihuaer Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier focusing on new original network equipments. Its business scope includes network switches, routers, security firewalls,  SFP transceiver modules, video conferencing systems, wireless products, servers, SSD/HDD, storage, graphics card and etc. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have established a perfect supply chain system to provide super supply products with reliable quality and competitive price. Customers satisfaction is the goal we pursue.
About Us
We are a leading provider of IT Equipment and Solutions
Our Values
Making our clients successful
Create value
Pursue excellence
Open and win-win
Making our clients successful is the starting point of all decisions, creating value is the standard to measure all work, the pursuit of excellence is our attitude to work, open and win-win is our pattern and  the final result. The cogs of values are interlocking and pushing everyone in the firm forward.
our clients
Open and
Pursue excellence
Create value
Strong And Perfect Supply System
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Tel: +86 18602762998 Email: Address: Room 805, Unit 2, 8th Floor, Building # 8, Courtyard 1, Beiqing Road, Changping District, Beijing, China